2009 NOW Festival

New Original Works Festival 2009

Program Three

Meg Wolfe: watch her (not know it now)
Sharp, precise and wholly original, choreographer Meg Wolfe is known for dances that are restlessly inquisitive and edged with dark humor crafted from fractured neo-noir storytelling, avian video imagery and showgirl camp. Now she strips the stage bare for a new solo accompanied only by Aaron Drake's original score, placing at the center of the work her signature dancing in which gesture is tied to action, muscles are strong-willed and abstraction rubs against articulation.

"Wolfe's restless creative spirit knows no bounds." Flavorpill

Zackary Drucker/Mariana Marroquin/Wu Ingrid Tsang: PIG
Provocative multimedia colloborators Zackary Drucker, Mariana Marroquin and Wu Ingrid Tsang stage a meeting of Politically Involved Girls in their compelling and wryly funny PIG. With an irreverent nod to Warhol's cult film Women In Revolt, the unpredictable trio mixes biting humor with socio-political themes ranging from contemporary transgender politics, sexual identity, civil rights, and the evolving language of trans societal constructs.

Lauren Weedman: OFF
In her unflinchingly funny theater works, Lauren Weedman's incisive observations and painfully dead-on characterizations are woven into laugh-out-loud stories that boomerang back to nail the teller of the tale. Her latest solo performance traces her attempts to "trust herself" even as she struggles with things beyond her control. On the brink of motherhood, Weedman seeks comfort in hospice work, hangs out with a pair of harassed lesbian moms, and puts her faith in not one but two untalented tattoo artists. Her inner voice may not yet be audible, but her outer voice is certain to spill its guts.

2009 NOW Festival
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The NOW Festival is supported by grants from The James Irvine Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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