Allessandra Belloni: Tarantata Spider Dance

Alessandra Belloni:

Tarantata Spider Dance 

Ms. Belloni sang in an exultant voice… The songs blazed with an age-old momentum.” – The New York Times

Extraordinary vocalist, hand-percussionist and dancer Alessandra Belloni creates a voluptuous exploration of Tarantella—
the frenzied ritual dances that enact the release of built-up erotic desire— in a contemporary incarnation of the southern Italian folk form. In the traditional Pizzica Tarantata healing rite, performers suffering the effects of spider “love bite” are accompanied by furious percussion as they spin, stomp, writhe and otherwise work up an ecstatic lather in a bid to purge the “venom” from their bodies. Belloni uses both traditional and modern instrumentation to dramatize an account of the curative power of the ritual.

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TUE 2/3
8:30 pm

G - General Audience

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