The Artist Theater Program

The Artist Theater Program: A Group Show of Film and Video Work by Visual Artists


“In Adam Putman’s work, reflections, distortions and image manipulations take us far from the concrete world . . . seductive, forbidding and erotically charged.” —The New Yorker

Los Angeles theatrical premieres
Jack H. Skirball Series


Film/video/installation artist Erika Vogt curates this group screening, inviting visual artists who make use of film and video to present their work within the context of a theatrical exhibition venue. In contradistinction to the conditions offered in traditional art spaces—such as the loop, indefinite time, and the itinerant and indeterminate audience—the program opens a dialogue between divergent communities of active makers that have historically overlapped. In doing so, it seeks to foster a heterogeneous debate about artistic concepts and practices, and to challenge some common assumptions, such as “Experimental filmmakers want to be marginal,” “Artists make a lot of money,” “Experimental filmmakers have a subject when they start and an end in mind,” “Artists blissfully ignore film history,” and “These works have no form!” The screening includes works by artists such as Math Bass, Shannon Ebner, Alice Konitz, Adam Putnam, Lucy Raven, among others, and by the activist group W.A.G.E (Working Artists and the Greater Economy).

In person: Erika Vogt and Lucy Raven
Artists in attendance: Math Bass, Madison Brookshire, Shannon Ebner, Alice Konitz, Lucy Raven, Paul Sietsema
Musicians in attendance: Mark So, Tashi Wada

Advanced Curators' Notes

Curated by Erika Vogt.

Funded in part with generous support from Wendy Keys and Donald Pels.

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MON 2/28
8:30 pm

G - General Audience

M - REDCAT Members

ST - Students

CA - CalArts Students/Faculty/Staff