Barry Schrader: Soundworld

Barry Schrader: Soundworld

World and Los Angeles premieres

"Barry Schrader’s music conjures up a whirlwind of emotion from some primeval source that permeates the listener with awe". Bebe Barron

A multimedia celebration of the electro-acoustic composer’s sublime music on the occasion of his 60th birthday, this retrospective includes the world premiere of Fallen Sparrow, a solo work performed by violinist Mark Menzies, and a new dance theater setting of the piece After Death by choreographer Kyu Hee Park, with video by Francesca Penzani. Also making special guest appearances are harpsichordist Barbara Cadranel and pianist Vicki Ray. Schrader’s music this evening is accompanied by films and videos by Adam Beckett, Steve Eagle, Jules Engel and Michael Scroggins. 

Detailed Program Information:

Excavations (1991) 
Prelude non mesuré 
Barbara Cadranel, harpsichord

Three Early Films: 
Mobiles (1978), film by Jules Engel 
Along the Way (1980), film by Steve Eagle 
Heavy-Light (1973), film by Adam Beckett

Voice from the Past: Frank Royon Le Mée portrait video by Cartier Foundation 
Love, In Memoriam (1989) 
I. To Vincent van Gogh— l'Oreille coupée (Severed Ear) 
II. To Lewis Carroll — Marmalade d'oranges (Orange Marmalade) 
III. To Leonardo da Vinci— Une histoire de portrait (The Portrait's Story) 
Frank Royon le Mée, voice 
poems by Michaël Glück

After Death from Death (2004) 
Kyu Hee Park, choreographer
CalArts Dance Ensemble: Anthony Copeland, Jessica Emmanuel, Jonathan Fredrickson, Lilia Kibarska, Hwa-Nee Lee, Min Li, Alisa Mittin, Travis Reinfried, Ebony Ruffin, Kimberly Thompson, Leanne Watson, Alexandria Yalj
Costume Design: Erin Hennessy
Videography: Francesca Penzani


Fallen Sparrow (2005, world premiere)
Final Rest I, First Spring, Final Rest II, Mystic Night, Final Rest III, Soaring Flight, Final Rest IV
Mark Menzies, violin

Computer Video: 1921>1989 (1989)
video by Michael Scroggins

Quadraphonic Analog: Trinity (1976)

Ravel (2003)
Vicki Ray, piano

Texts for Love, In Memoriam (1989)
by Michaël Glück, translations by Barry Schrader

Artist Biography

Barbara Cadranel has performed throughout the United States, Europe, and South America, and has made numerous radio and TV appearances. The New York Times wrote that her performances were “mingled with majesty and introspection.” The legendary harpsichordist Fernando Valenti called her “the most gifted of the younger generation of American harpsichordists.” Contemporary harpsichord music is one of Ms. Cadranel's specialties and passions, and she has been a leader in this field. She has commissioned a number of new works and she regularly includes this repertoire in her recital programs. She often uses multimedia presentations to enhance her performances. Ms. Cadranel directed The Los Angeles International Harpsichord Festival and was a founder and director of the Baroque Music Center and Library in New York. She is currently in the process of editing Fernando Valenti's last book, The Scarlatti Handbook , which was dedicated to her.

Mark Menzies , a native of New Zealand, has resided in the United States since 1991, and has established an important, worldwide reputation as a new music violist and violinist. He has been described in a Los Angeles Times review, as an “extraordinary musician” and a “riveting violinist”. His career as a viola and violin virtuoso, chamber musician, and advocate of contemporary music has seen performances in Great Britain, Germany, France, Austria, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand and across the United States, including a series of appearances at New York's Carnegie Hall. Menzies is currently viola and violin professor at the California Institute of the Arts where he also teaches chamber music. He is renowned for performing some of the most complex scores and he has been personally commended by composers such as Brian Ferneyhough, Roger Reynolds, Michael Finnissy, Vinko Globokar, Philippe Manoury, Elliott Carter, Liza Lim, Christian Wolff, Richard Barrett, and Sofia Gubaidulina for performances he has given of their music. There has been considerable international critical applause for Mark Menzies' leadership in ensembles formed to perform contemporary and twentieth-century music, such as the Bloomington-based New Vienna Ensemble, Los Angeles' Southwest Chamber Music, San Diego's Sirius Ensemble and the New York-based Ensemble Sospeso. He has recorded on the Pogus, Opus, Mode, and Innova labels.

Choreographer Kyu Hee Park graduated from Sun Hwa Arts School and the Los Angeles High School for the Arts. She is now a BFA4 student in dance at CalArts. Choreography credits include: Cloud9, The Relationship between Bacterium and Human, The Ladder, New Game: Pink Princess “Bling Bling”, Let Her Dance , and Dallas in the Club.

Francesca Penzani (video for dance) started her dance training at the London Contemporary Dance School and came to CalArts on the first exchange program between LCDS and the CalArts School of Dance. Penzani started her video work at The Place Theater in London in 1990 as camera operator, editor and director for live performances. In 1991, the Arts Council of Scotland selected her for residency for Choreographers and Composers. In 1992, the Arts Council of England and BBC2 awarded Penzani a training-ship in Dance for the Camera. In 1996, she was the assistant to director/choreographer Lloyd Newson of DV8. Her video and dance work has been shown at international dance and camera festivals in London, New York, Buenos Aires, Atlanta, Duke University, at the American Dance Festival and on the Web.

Vicki Ray , pianist, performs widely as soloist and collaborative artist. In addition to the Ear Unit, she is also a member of Xtet and the Southwest Chamber Music Society. Recent concerts include a NPR broadcast at the Kennedy Center premiering a new work for piano and violin written for Ms. Ray and Robin Lorentz by composer John Adams. She has also been featured on the LA Philharmonic Green Umbrella series, with the LA Chamber Orchestra, with the German ensemble Compania, and the Blue Rider ensemble of Toronto. Other appearances include the Berlin 750 Jahre festival and the Ojai festival. She has had works written for her by composers John Adams, Paul Dresher, Arthur Jarvinen and Donald Crockett. Ms. Ray is a founding artist of PianoSpheres, a concert series devoted to less familiar repertory for piano solo. Her inaugural PianoSpheres recital was hailed by the Los Angeles Times for displaying “that kind of musical thoroughness and technical panache that puts a composer's thought directly before the listener”. In 1989 Ms. Ray was the first place winner in the NACUSA competition for performers of contemporary music. A member of the piano faculty at the California Institute of the Arts since 1991, her recordings can be found on the New World, CRI, Mode, and Tzadik labels.

Frank Royon Le Mée (1953–1993) was active as a composer, vocalist, actor, director, calligrapher, and visual artist. As a composer, he received numerous commissions from various festivals and other musical organizations in Europe. His works span the field from solo voice to orchestra to electro-acoustic, and he was one of the original members of the Groupe Musique Experimental de Marseilles. As a tenor and counter-tenor, he was in great demand for both old and new music, and he made numerous recordings, including voice tracks for film and television. His distinctive and impressive vocal abilities allowed him to specialize in such areas as medieval and renaissance music as well as the most complex contemporary vocal music. One of the major performers of extended vocal techniques, Frank Royon Le Mée worked with Luciano Berio in performing Berio's opera and also in creating the Berio Cabaret , and he performed often at the Paris Opera. In 1989, Royon Le Mée was awarded a large grant from the Cartier Foundation to create new performance and visual art, and in 1990 he received a joint fellowship with Barry Schrader from Yellow Springs Institute to create a new computer-interactive performance work, Night . Frank Royon Le Mée's works are recorded on the Baillemont and CIRM labels.

Barry Schrader has been acclaimed by the Los Angeles Times as “a composer born to the electronic medium”, named “a seminal composer of electro-acoustic music” by Journal SEAMUS , and described byGramophone as a composer of “approachable electronic music with a distinctive individual voice to reward the adventurous”. “There's a great sweep to Schrader's work that puts it more in line with ambitious large-scale electronic works by the likes of Stockhausen, a line that can be traced backwards to Mahler, Bruckner and Beethoven.” writes Dan Warburton of the Paris Transatlantic Magazine . Schrader's compositions for electronics, dance, film, video, mixed media, live/electro-acoustic music combinations, and real-time computer performance have been presented throughout the world. He has received recognition in the form of grants, awards, and commissions, from numerous organizations and has recently been awarded a Copland Grant through Innova Recordings. Active in the promotion of electro-acoustic music, Schrader is the founder and the first president of SEAMUS (Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States). He has been involved with the inauguration and operation of several performance series such as SCREAM (Southern California Resource for Electro-Acoustic Music), the Currents concert series at Theatre Vanguard (the first ongoing series of electro-acoustic music concerts in the U.S.), and the CalArts Electro-Acoustic Music Marathon. He has written for several publications including T he New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians Grolier's Encyclopedia ,Contemporary Music Review , and Journal SEAMUS , and is the author of the book Introduction to Electro-Acoustic Music . He has been a member of the Composition Faculty of the California Institute of the Arts School of Music since 1971, and has also taught at the University of California at Santa Barbara and the California State University at Los Angeles. His music is recorded on the Opus One, Laurel, CIRM, SEAMUS, Centaur, and Innova labels. His web site

Michael Scroggins is a pioneer in the field of performance animation. The utilization of real-time visual instruments in the creation of visual compositions of absolute color, shape and texture has been at the heart of his work for over 25 years. His absolute animation works have been widely exhibited internationally including screenings at the Centre George Pompidou in Paris, Union of Filmmakers in Moscow, Seibu Ginza in Tokyo and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. His most recent work investigates the potential of gesture capture in creating real-time absolute animation in immersive virtual reality


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