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West Coast premiere

Part multimedia extravaganza and part slasher film, Flicker uses inventive technology and high voltage live performance to create an innovative storytelling form that director Caden Manson calls “Real Time Film.” Manson’s New York company uses the language of media in a unique narrative form, pushing the formal boundaries of theater and film to create culturally transgressive and challenging new works.

Flicker merges live video projection and split-second choreography, in which two movies collide into each other to tell a dark tale, exploring the need to comprehend the “irreality” of death and the everyday presence of violence. Manson describes Flicker as “a comedy that is vulgar and venomous, vital and voracious,” adding that he hopes his “satirical attacks counter the sanitized commercialism of today’s theater by asserting garbage as a symbol of purity.”

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Date/Time G ST CA
Wed 1.19.05, 8:30 pm $28 $20 $14
Thu 1.20.05, 8:30 pm$28$20$14
Fri 1.21.05, 8:30 pm$32$24$16
Sat 1.22.05, 8:30 pm$32$24$16
Sat 1.22.05, 8:30 pm$28$20$14

G - General Audience

M - REDCAT Members

ST - Students

CA - CalArts Students/Faculty/Staff