Bruce McClure

Locative Enigma—Frameshape of Hard Mettles—A Personal Problem: Projection Performances by Bruce McClure

“Bruce McClure doesn’t make films, he performs them... Twirling knobs, flipping switches, and adjusting lenses, he coaxes a bank of whirring projectors into producing images impossible to record.” The Brooklyn Rail

Jack H. Skirball Series

Alpert Award-winning film projection artist Bruce McClure has performed extensively in cinematheques, festivals and museums in the United States and abroad, including recent dates with Throbbing Gristle in New York and Chicago. “Looking down from the scaffold renders circumstances unfamiliar; perspective is held in suspension as flattened repetition of identical units proceeds with no horizon in sight,” he says of his mercurial performances. “In an instant, the gate is activated, clearing the way for a measured whoosh forestalled by a tautening rope. During that interval, seemingly eternal scenes flash before one’s eyes, cut short by a final whack and bounce of light. The assembly, shrouded by the staging and the loop, is seized by duration as it simultaneously approaches and recedes. Gallows humor is a grim simile for a projection performance, and if this is a joke then where is the punch line? Answer: There is never enough time before an execution.”

In person: Bruce McClure

Curated by Steve Anker.

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