The Chelsea Girls: Revival Screening of the Film by Andy Warhol

The Chelsea Girls: Revival Screening of the Film by Andy Warhol

“The Iliad of the underground.”

Presented in collaboration with Los Angeles Filmforum.

Presented as part of the Jack H. Skirball Series

Some died in lonely drug overdoses, some became controversial artists, some mysteriously disappeared , some had impressive careers in B-movies, some were faux-girls, exuding spectacular femininity (Mario Montez), some weren’t girls at all, but inspired drama queens (Ed Hood), flamboyant philosophers (Pope Ondine) or bisexual lads in love with music (Eric Emerson), photography (Gerard Malanga), and their own bodies. Forty-eight years after Chelsea Girls’ premiere, their bitchiness, exuberance, humor, and Edenic experimentation with drugs, sex and art explode on the split screen. On a Velvet Underground tune, these fragile divas of the 15-minute fame--Nico, Brigid Berlin, Ingrid Superstar, Mary Woronov--are forever young, glamorous, iconic and radically transgressive.

Print courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art.

Curated by Steve Anker and Bérénice Reynaud.

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SAT 10/25
7:00 pm

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