A Cinema of Passion: Films and Videos by Willie Varela

A Cinema of Passion: Films and Videos by Willie Varela

"Varela juxtaposes images of the personal and the political; the beautiful and the brutal; the sacred and the destitute, in a mediated conversion of vernacular, traditionally 'low' mass-culture artifacts into something to be appreciated as 'art."
Quarterly Review of Film and Video

In Person: Willie Varela

Having completed over 100 films and videos made since the early 1970s, El Paso-based, Chicano media artist Willie Varela is one of independent cinema’s most passionate and unbridled social critics. A still-to-be-discovered gem of Chicano cinema, Varela’s visceral, layered work, produced in semi-isolation in the Texas border town, constitutes personal responses to events in his domestic life, local rituals, political issues and the ongoing flow of popular culture. This long-overdue overview ranges from Varela’s early Super 8 visual pieces to a more recent, more pungently political body of work.

Included are: Becky's Eye (1977, 3:21’), March 1979 (1979, 3:30’), The Last Look (1981,1:53’), Recuerdos De Flores Muertas (1982, 6:58’), In Progress (1985, 12:30’), His Hidden Presence (1998, 10:10’), The Extraordinary Day (2003, 16:21’) and This Burning World (two-screen projection)(2002, 31:57’).

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The film series and publication are produced by Los Angeles Filmforum under the direction of Jesse Lerner and Luciano Piazza. Made possible through grants from the Getty Foundation as part of the Getty-led Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, a far reaching and ambitious exploration of Latin American and Latino art in dialogue with Los Angeles.

Curated by Jesse Lerner, Luciano Piazza, Steve Anker and Bérénice Reynaud.

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