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"The Cold Blue label defines a certain ‘Southern California sound,’ uncluttered, evocative and unusual, with a wistful emotional edge. L.A. Weekly

Hailed by critics for its unique aesthetic focus on West Coast post-experimental and post-minimalist composers, the Cold Blue record label presents an evening of solo, ensemble and installation works by a dozen associated artists—including John Luther Adams, Michael Byron, Barney Childs, Rick Cox, Michael Jon Fink, Jim Fox, Kyle Gann, Peter Garland, Daniel Lentz, David Mahler, Larry Polansky and Chas Smith. Also featured is celebrated new music pianist Sarah Cahill.

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The evening’s featured performer is acclaimed new-music pianist Sarah Cahill. Among the other notable performers are California EAR Unit members Robin Lorentz, Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick, Marty Walker (emeritus), and Phil O’Connor; micro-tonal guru and guitarist John Schneider; The Robin Cox Ensemble; composer/pianist Thomas Newman; new music-cellist Jessica Catron; and a handful of the composers themselves. (For more information on the label, see below.)

When asked about the REDCAT program, label founder/director Jim Fox said, “Previous concert celebrations devoted to the label, such as the ones done over the past couple of years at the Schindler House (L.A.), Podewil (Berlin) and elsewhere, have each centered on the work of perhaps a half dozen or so composers, so I thought it might be great fun to veer from that trend and try to present a broader spectrum of Cold Blue-associated composers through their miniatures and short pieces. REDCAT, on the label’s home turf, seemed an ideal venue for this kaleidoscope of music.”

Cold Blue, which had a short (two-year) life in the mid(-)1980s, was reopened in 2001. Since then, it has released two dozen titles (one of which is a 3-CD set). Although the label’s history is brief, it is already known for its unique “take” on new music. In the ’80s in High Fidelity/Musical America, Joan La Barbara called it, “...a label with a particular viewpoint and consummate good taste.” And since its 2001 revival, it has garnered many similar comments: " of stunning and poignant strangeness... a distinctive body of music--a virtual Cold Blue ‘school’--forged in the wake of American musical experimentalism.” (Int’l Record Review) “Those who stereotype modern classical music as either cacophonous or simplistic would be forced to add a third category—elusive--when confronted with the Cold Blue catalog.” (Fanfare) “Cold Blue... is the stuff of which cults are made.” (Australian Financial Times) “...setting the highest standards in an area of musical endeavor where banal facility can be a danger.” (The Wire, UK) “Cold Blue... is home to many a musical treasure.” (Late Junction, BBC3) “...beautifully recorded music with suitably artistic packaging... a yet-unnamed sub-genre of new music... this is definitely music worth spending time with.” (Musicworks, Canada) And Cold Blue releases, noted for their excellent performances and recording quality have also appeared on annual “Best of” lists in Gramophone magazine, Sequenza21, and elsewhere.

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Date/Time G ST CA
Sat 2.18.06, 8:30 pm
$18 $14 $10

G - General Audience

M - REDCAT Members

ST - Students

CA - CalArts Students/Faculty/Staff