Dance Camera West

Dance Camera West: Screendance: A New Visual Language

Focusing on the intersection of cinematography and choreography, this annual festival offers a selection of some of the most compelling dance for camera and dance media works from around the world. The Dance Camera West Festival returns to REDCAT with three all-new programs of experimental shorts as part of its monthlong celebration of dance film at venues across Los Angeles.

Program A: Friday, June 5 at 8pm | Screening and Opening Night Reception
Program B: Saturday, June 6 at 6pm
Program C: Saturday, June 6 at 8pm

Friday, June 5 at 8:00pm (73:00 min. TRT)

Becoming (Canada, 2009) 6:52
Director: Ayelen Liberona/Joseph Johnson Cami; Choreographer: Ayelen Liberona
- World Premiere!

The Mysteries of Nature (South Korea, 2008) 10:00
Director/Producer: Dahci Ma; Choreographer: Jae-young Park
- Jury Prize Winner, Reel Dance Film Festival and Dance on Camera Festival

Weightless (Sweden, 2007) 6:40
Director/Producer: Erika Janunger; Choreographer: Malin Stattin, Tuva Lundkuist, Erika Janunger

Danse MacaBre (Canada, 2009) 7:47
Director: Pedro Pires; Choreographer: AnneBruce Falconer; Producer: Bravo!FACT, Catherine Chagnon/Pedro Pires

33rd Floor (Canada, 2009) 5:41
Director: Kenneth Sherman; Choreographer: Farley Johansson, Shannon Moreno; Producer: Bravo!FACT, Kenneth Sherman

Insyn (Insight) (Sweden, 2007) 14:00
Director/Choreographer: Klara Elenius
- Winner of Screen Choreography Jury prize IMZ Festival 2007

en Vuelta (Argentina, 2008) 3:00
Director/Choreographer: Johanna Borchardt

Frying Pan (France, 2006) 7:18
Director: Valere Terrier; Choreographer: Jung Woong Kim/Marion Ramirez; Producer: Laurence Schroeder

I Want You Back (USA, 2008) 11:30
Director/Choreographer: Gaelen Hanson; Created with support from the Djerassi Resident Artists Program.

Saturday, June 7 at 6:00pm (60:00 min. TRT)

Baba (Canada, 2008) 4:15
Director: Johathan Lawley; Choreographer: Tracey Armstrong; Producers: Wayne Lawley, ELD Films, Bravo!FACT

La Surprise (Switzerland, 2007) 4:19
Director/Choreographer/Producer: Manuel Goliath Scheiwiller

After Dürer (New Zealand, 2007) 7:51
Director: Daniel Belton; Producer: Good Company Arts
- Selected as New Zealand Listener Magazines Best of Dance Film and Il Coreografo Elettronico Italy for Most Innovative Work.

2Soon (Sweden, 2005) 5:00
Director/Choreographer: Cristina Caprioli

Of The Heart (USA, 2007) 6:00
Director: Douglas Rosenberg/Allen Kaeja; Choreographer: David Dorfman/Lisa Race

Rewind (Sweden, 2004) 5:00
Director: Marten Nilsson; Choreographer: Gunilla Heilborn

The Greater the Weight (Canada, 2009) 5:29
Director: Marlene Millar/Philip Szporer; Choreographer: Dana Michel; Producer:Bravo!FACT, Mouvement Perpetual Montreal

Cartographie 9 - La Boule d'Or (Switzerland, 2008) 12:00
Director: Bruno Deville/Mario del Curto; Choreographer: Philipe Saire

Risen (Canada, 2008) 4:30
Director/Producer: Kenneth Sherman; Choreographer: Shay Kuebler
- Cannes 2009

Captain (USA, 2008) 6:30
Director: Rae Shao-Lan Blum/Pooh Kaye; Choreographer: Rae Shao-Lan Blum

Saturday, June 6 at 8:00pm (65:00 min. TRT)

The Last Martini (USA, 2008) 6:16
Director/Choreographer: Vickie Mendoza; Producer: Vickie Mendoza and USC School of Cinematic Arts

Tila (Finland, 2007) 4:00
Director/Choreographer: Alexandra Campbell

At Table (Germany, 2008) 14:00
Director/Producer: Regina Bartschi/Michaela Isabel Funfhausen; Choreographer: Michaela Isabel Funfhausen

The Weight of Memory (Canada, 2009) 4:06
Director: Liz Marshall; Choreographer: Peggy Baker; Producer: Jamie Dagg/Trisha Emerson, Bravo!FACT

Wildmenspark (Netherlands, 2006) 13:00
Director: Gonny Jungst/Vloeistof; Choreographer: Yuri Bongers/Anja Reinhardt; Producers: VSBfonds, Stichting Thuiskopie, Provincie N-Brabant, Stichting Doen, Gemeente Tilburg

Fragile (Cuba, 2006) 6:00
Director: Javier Garcia; Choreographer: Isabel Bustos

En Cadena (Spain, 2008) 4:50
Director: Hammudi Al-Rahmoun Font; Choreographer: Juan Carlos Garcia; Producer: L'estruch, Mercat de les Flors and Escandalo Films-ESCAC

Coppia2 (Canada, 2009) 4:27
Director/Choreographer: Ginette Laurin; Producer: Ginette Laurin/Pierre Touchette/O Vertigo, Bravo!FACT

Karohano (Pieces) (South Africa, 2008) 8:55 Director: Jeannette Ginslov; Choreographers: Thebiso Pule, Thami Manekahla, Haja Saranouffi; Producer: National Arts Council - Africa/Inzalo Dance and Theatre Company
- Cinedans Festival 2008, nominated for Jury Shorts Award

Lobby Screenings - continuous

Raft of Medusa (Germany, 2008) 17:00
Director: Ismael Ivo/Biennale Danza; Installation by: Lutz Gregor and Federicapaola Capecchi; Choreographer: Federicapaola Capecchi with asst. Karl Schreiner; Producer: Associazione Culturale Danzavenezia, La Biennale di Venezia

An Issue of Trust (USA, 2007) 12:00
Director: Allison Fischer; Choreographer: Ashley Browne; Producer: Jonathan Fischer

Rapture (USA, 2008) 6:30
Director/Choreographer: Noemie Lafrance; Producer: Bravo! FACT/Canada

(Some adult content)

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