Dance Camera West

Dance Camera West

Focusing on the intersection of choreography and cinematography, the annual Dance Camera West festival offers a rich selection of some of the most thrilling dance for camera and dance media works made around the world today. The festival returns to REDCAT with all-new programs of experimental shorts as part of its monthlong celebration of dance film at venues across Los Angeles.

Program A: Friday, June 4 at 8pm | Screening followed by Opening Night Reception
Program B: Saturday, June 5 at 6pm
Program C: Saturday, June 5 at 8pm


Fri. June 4 – 8:00pm (8 films, 71-minutes)

“Beguine” (Netherlands, 2009) 4 minutes
Director: Douwe Dijkstra
One man’s response to losing his love and the survival that follows, based on a poem by Giza Ritschl. Produced by Festina Lente Media. 

“Mahjong” (China/Sweden, 2009) 10 minutes
Director: Angelina Allen/ Fernando Melo
Choreographer: Fernando Melo
Investigating the subtleties of non-verbal communication and the complexity of cultural identity within the game of Mahjong. Produced by the Goteborg Ballet.

“Tauperlen” (Netherlands, 2009) 12 minutes
Director: Gido Leijtens
Choreographer: Kristel van Issum
Based on scenes from the performance íSA by T.R.A.S.H this film is about the journey of lost souls living along the edges. Cinedans Festival, Amsterdam.

“Flow” (Netherlands, 2008) 4 minutes
Director/Choreographer: Ruben Broekhuis
The art of freerunning across the architecture of Rotterdam.

“Circulatura” (Germany, 2009) 23 minutes
Director: Wiebke Popel
Choreographer: Mirella Weingarten
Motion and suspension using moving sculpture. Commissioned by Medienboard Berlin-Brandeburg and Kulturelle Dilmstiftung Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

“Urge” (Denmark, 2003) 5 minutes
Director/Choreographer: Ulrik Wivel
Framing and editing create new choreography for the camera of two duets performed in a studio. Produced by Vibeke Vogel

“Sand” (USA, 2009) 10 minutes – WORLD PREMIERE
Director: Cari Ann Shim Sham
Choreographer: Cari Ann Shim Sham/ Kenji/ Darrow Igus Sand tells the story of sand dance as it is passed down from father to son. Produced by Eyestorm Productions.

“Advance” (USA, 2009) 2 minutes– WORLD PREMIERE
Director: Mitchell Rose
Choreographer: Ashley Roland/ Jamey Hampton
One dance. Two minutes. Fifty locations.


Sat. June 5 – 6:00pm (8 Films, 64 minutes)

“Tic Toc Choc de Couperin” (France, 2008) 3 minutes
Director: Elise McLeod
Alexandre Tharaud plays a work by François Couperin circa 1670’s with a contemporary hip hop dancer and body rhythm.

“Slip” (Canada, 2009) 6 minutes
Director: Chelsea McMullan

Choreographer: Yvonne Ng
A site-specific dance film that exposes the layers of history embedded in the intersecting spaces of the Grange and Harrison Baths in Toronto. Produced by Bravo FACT! And Cole J. Alvis, Geoff McLean (Ontario).

“Beatrice at the Market” (Italy, 2008) 14 minutes
Director: Marzio Mirabella
Choreographer: Aline Nari/ Davide Frangioni
Pleasant surprises during a trip to the market in Bolzaneto (Genova). Produced by Associazione ARTU.

“Bumelant” (Poland, 2009) 8 minutes
Director: Anna Bajjou
Choreographer: Anna Bajjou/ Dominika Knapik
A dance short inspired by the childhood memory of the time when Communism was buried together with the beloved family hamster. Support from Dance For the Screen at The Place London Contemporary Dance School.

“His Master’s Voice/Their Master’s Voice” (Netherlands, 2008) 5 minutes
Director: Hans Hylkema
Choreographer: Bryan Druiventak/ Alida Dors
A newspaper deliverer is inspired in the early morning by the trance like music of the ‘Master Musicians of Jajouka’ of Morocco. Produced by Netherlands Film and Television Academy (NFTA).

“GoDDog” (Netherlands, 2009) 12 minutes
Director/Choreographer: Susanne Ohmann
A woman escapes the confines of her mind in a whirling dance that takes her deep into a forest where she encounters and explores her instinctual animal nature.

“Dominion” (USA, 2009) 13 minutes – WORLD PREMIERE
Director: Roberta Shaw
Choreographer: Dancers with Roberta Shaw
An isolated man attempts to connect to a group of lost visitors and realizes that he is doomed to repeat his past. Shot on location at the Noah Purifoy outdoor artsite in Joshua Tree. Funded in part by the Durfee Foundation.

“Sublevados” (USA, 2009) 3 minutes
Director/Choreographer: Martin & Facundo Lombard
The Lombard Twins give an inside look into how they express their emotions through tap dancing with contemporary Tango composer Fernando Otero.


Sat. June 5 – 8:00pm (7 Films, 70 minutes) 

“Unsung” (USA, 2008) 6 minutes
Director: Morleigh Steinberg
Choreographer: Liz Roche
A re-interpretation of the rules of how traditional Irish dances are put together; exploring where their impetus in movement comes from, how this can be adapted and made relevant to the modern dancers body. Commissioned by RTE Dance On The Box and The Arts Council.

“Slip Cadence” (USA, 2009) 9 minutes
Director/Choreographer: Corrie Befort
How will a grown daughter’s relationship with her aging father evolve as her father develops Alzheimer’s? Commissioned by the Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter (ICAM) as an online learning experience

“The Wall” (USA, 2009) 11 minutes
Director: Nejla Y. Yatkin/ Michael Rogers
Choreographer: Nejla Y. Yatkin
Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. As a child, I had this image of a woman being supported by a man trying to see over to the other side of the wall. Produced by D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities, University of Notre Dame, Goethe Institute NYC. Funding for choreography by Princess Grace Foundation.

“Looking Forward- Man & Woman” (Brazil/NL/USA, 2009) 10 minutes
Director: Roberta Marques
Choreographer: Michael Schumacher/ Pim Boonbrakob/ Ederson Rodrigues Xavier
The second film in a trilogy, playing with the reversal of movement and time, is a love letter from a man to his wife. Commissioned by EMPAC, Latitude Sul and Da Visuals.

“Atrophy Bank” (Belgium, 2009) 21 minutes
Director: Sam Asaert
Choreographer: Yevgeny Kolesnik/ Sam Asaert
A frustrated and unhappy banker starts to see a dark and aggressive form of dance in the every day actions of his clients and he decides to take matters into his own hands. In Association with the Royal Ballet of Flanders. Festival de Cannes Short Film Corner.

“Jackie & Judy” (USA, 2009) 4 minutes
Director: Phil Harder
Choreographer: Rosane Chamecki/ Andrea Lerner
An ode to Pas de Deux by Academy Award winner Norman McLaren, (1914 – 1987) the Scottish-born Canadian animator and film director known for his work for the National Film Board of Canada.

“Tus Ojos Negros/ Her Dark Eyes” (Netherlands, 2009) 9 minutes
Director: Wolke Kluppel
Choreographer: Suzy Blok
A long forgotten song on the radio stirs memories from times of innocence, passion, and struggle. Produced by BBC TV, NPS TV, Dutch Cultural Broadcasting Promotion Fnd, and Arts Council of England.

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