Danièle Huillet

Danièle Huillet: The Last Resistance Class Relations: Amerika (Klassenverhältnisse)

(Germany/France, 1983, 127 min, b/w, 35mm)

"Who else, in the history of world cinema, has done such a work, which is first respect for the languages that humans speak, respect for the voices of actors, for the meanings of words, and for the identify of spectators? The answer is simple: no one." Cahiers du ciném

Jack H. Skirball Screening Series

French filmmaker Danièle Huillet died last October, putting an end to her remarkable collaboration with Jean-Marie Straub. Working together between 1962 and 2006, the duo completed 27 shorts and features. Self-proclaimed materialist filmmakers, Straub-Huillet made films around the concept of "resistance: the resistance of texts to bodies, of location to texts, of bodies to locations" (Serge Daney). In Class Relations, the resisting body is that of a young German bourgeois “packed off” to America by his parents for misbehaving with a female servant; the resisting text is Franz Kafka’s unfinished novel Amerika, in which the Statue of Liberty is described as brandishing a sword...

Preceded by: En Rachâchant (France, 1982, 7 min, b/w, 35mm)
Based on a story by Marguerite Duras (as rewritten by Danièle Huillet), the film explains why the child Ernesto (Olivier Straub) doesn't want to go to school any more: “all he is taught there is things he doesn't know.”

Program introduced by Thom Andersen

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