David Rosenboom and Lewis Klahr: Battle Hymn for Insurgent Arts

David Rosenboom and Lewis Klahr: Battle Hymn for Insurgent Arts

“Rosenboom, an iconic figure in the world of experimental music … ‘listening is the performing act.’” Hyperallergic

“Avatar of experimental music.” The New York Times 

“Wake up, the world’s on fire!” (Lawrence Ferlinghetti). This assemblage of aesthetico-political music for contemplation and empowerment features postgenre sounds for vigilance against the commodification of ignorance and the barbarization of democracy. Rosenboom and his team perform with instruments, electronics, and voices and add prescient, prophetic lines by socio-political seers: Ferlinghetti, Foucault, Pythagoras via Ovid, Sun-tzu, Mark Twain, and others. Interlacing evocative, virtuosic music with images by Lewis Klahr, whose uniquely idiosyncratic films use found images to explore the intersection of memory and history.

Performed by a virtuoso ensemble of collaborators: Matt Barbier, trombone; Swapan Chaudhuri, pakhawaja; Gene Coye, drums; Meltem Ege, speaker/vocalist; Allen Fogle, horn; Alphonso Johnson, electric bass; Miranda Kahn, actress; Molly Pease, singer; David Rosenboom, piano, Yamaha Disklavier(™), algorithmic instruments, and electronics; Aaron Smith, trumpet; Jonah Levy, trumpet; Luke Storm, tuba; Jake Vossler, electric guitar.

“With my burnt hand, I write on the nature of fire.” (Flaubert)

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SAT 4/21
8:30 pm

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