Dumb Type

Dumb Type: Memorandum

"Techno-thrilling and fast, with a sound-scape that sets you vibrating... a shockwave of the future." --TimeOut London

"A profound performance that takes us to the darkest zones of our memory... beautiful, disturbing, and... hypnotic." --Le Monde

Los Angeles premiere
Sharon Disney Lund Dance Series

High-speed visuals stur perceptions, electronic noise jostles the mind and silohuetted figures that on poetic significance as Japan's groundbreaking media and performance collective dumb type makes its Los Angeles debut with Memorandum. A frenetic audio-visual spectacle that combines inventive video projection techniques, live dance and fragmented narrative, the piece explores the importance of personal visual memory in an increasingly technology-driven society. Sensory overload is both the medium and the message as dumb type offers a truly unique examination of the mechanisms that control our perceptions.

Supported by the Japan Foundation through its Performing Arts JAPAN program.


Date/Time G ST CA
Tues 10.28.03 8:30 pm $36 $28 $18
Wed 10.29.03 8:30 pm$36$28$18
Thur 10.30.03 8:30 pm$36$28$18
Fri 10.31.03 8:30 pm$38$30$20
Sat 11.01.03 8:30 pm$38$30$20
Sun 11.02.03 8:30 pm$36$28$18

G - General Audience

M - REDCAT Members

ST - Students

CA - CalArts Students/Faculty/Staff