Eko Nugroho and Wayang Bocor

Eko Nugroho and Wayang Bocor: God Bliss (In the Name of Semelah)


"Nugroho mixes pop influences with Indonesian motifs to question issues of identity and democracy.”                                             – The New York Times 

“Eko Nugroho is one of the most acclaimed members of the young generation of Indonesian contemporary artists.”            – Art Review


Presented in association with Asia Society.

With a whirlwind of shadows, humor and iconic visual images from street art, popular culture and traditional Javanese forms, provocative artist Eko Nugroho riffs on the story of how Islam first came to Java in the 15th century, eventually resulting in Indonesia becoming the world’s largest Muslim-majority country. After gaining notice with his controversial ‘zine Daging Tumbuh (Rotting Flesh) in the moments after the end of president Suharto’s reign, Nugroho has gained international fame for work that uses found materials, graffiti techniques and hip hop music forms with the rich traditions of Indonesian shadow puppetry while confronting vital socio-political issues. Nugroho and his team of 10 collaborators use a distinctive blend of high and low art in the work of Wayang Bocor, in which puppets and actors weave together traditional elements of Indonesian wayang (shadow puppets) with live theater and scripts that cast 

Performed in Javanese and Indonesian with English supertitles.

Commissioned by Asia Society as part of Asia Society's ongoing initiative Creative Voices of Muslim Asia, supported by the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art. With additional support from Carolina Performing Arts at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. USA tour produced by Asia Society.

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SUN 1/22
7:00 pm

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M - REDCAT Members

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