Erik Ehn and Mark Valdez

Erik Ehn and Mark Valdez

Alpert Award Winner
President's IDEAS and DIALOGUES Series

“We live in an age of spectacle and yet, with very few exceptions, the performance work that has most affected me has been produced on modest budgets and in intimate spaces....spaces like REDCAT. Alpert Award-winning playwright Erik Ehn and Cornerstone Theater Company Associate Artistic Director Mark Valdez are on hand to discuss their experience with artist-to-artist, low-budget and community-based theater. Erik Ehn is best known for The Saint Plays, his ongoing cycle of plays about the lives of saints and biblical characters. He is also co-founder and co-artistic director of San Francisco’s Tenderloin Opera Company, which breeds new work and grows community. The Cornerstone Theater Company is a multi-ethnic, ensemble-centered and community-based company. Under Mark Valdez’s leadership, it has been hailed by Theater Journal as ‘possibly the closest entity to a national theater the United States may ever have.’ Together, Erik and Mark should give us glimpses of new models for original theatrical creation that are suited to our moment.” —CalArts President Steven Lavine


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Tue 5.4.04 8:30 pm $8 $6 $Free

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