Faustin Linyekula/Studios Kabako

Faustin Linyekula/Studios Kabako: Sur les traces de Dinozord

(Democratic Republic of the Congo)

"Quite possibly the most important artist working on the African continent today." Frieze Magazine

“There’s no walking away from Mr. Linyekula...painful, brutal, live-wire intensity.” —The New York Times

“An ethereal figure with a spirit of steel... the Congolese choreographer is an intellectual and practical force to be reckoned with.” —The Star (South Africa)

The Sharon Disney Lund Dance Series

Faustin Linyekula/Studios Kabako: "Sur les Traces du Dinozord" trailer from REDCAT on Vimeo.

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The riveting and elegant work of Congolese choreographer and writer Faustin Linyekula nurtures hope in the face of the ongoing legacy of war and ruin in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Scored with fragments of Mozart’s Requiem metronomic taps on a typewriter, and live vocals by rising opera star Serge Kakudji, Sur les traces de Dinozord (In Search of Dinozord) is a poetic, political fairy tale that begins, like all fairy tales, with “Once upon a time…” From there, Linyekula and his exceptional performers embark on a deeply personal journey as they search for the essence of their dreams. Through exquisite movement and text, they delve into the wrenching history of the Congo and their own childhood stories, as they mourn the loss of a friend. In the process, they hope to fashion a new kind of myth that is a truer reflection of their lives.

In conjunction with REDCAT performances of Faustin Linyekula/Studios Kabako Sur les traces de Dinozord, dancer-collaborator Papy Ebotani will lead a class that progresses through a 30-minute warmup/technique, improvisation in solo and group forms, and compositional strategies. Hosted at Jefferson Park studio we live in space, Saturday, September 30, 2017 from 12 - 2pm. To register and more information visit: Show Box LA

Made possible with support from French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF).

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