Florian Hecker

Florian Hecker

“Florian Hecker’s uncommonly intense installations...turn their gaze inward, using a sound environment to address the physiology and the psychology of the listening process itself.” The Wire

Extending earlier projects that staged the impressionistic or even hallucinatory relationship between sonic objects, the auditory encounter, and our self-perception within space, Resynthesizers advances a more recent line of inquiry engaged with bleeding-edge approaches to computational auditory analysis and the synthesis of sensory materials. Hecker’s performance dramatizes sonic material produced using a novel algorithm for texture synthesis, developed by Axel Roebel and members of the Analysis/Synthesis team at IRCAM, Paris. The scientific analysis of sound and the quantification of auditory sensation dates back to the beginnings of psychophysics in the late 19th century and has developed continually ever since. Hecker’s recent works respond to this history while addressing questions concerning machine listening, the semantic reconstruction of perceptual objects, and the unrepresentable. Florian Hecker’s performance will feature thematic aspects of Resynthesizers, his current exhibition presented by Equitable Vitrines at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture’s Fitzpatrick-Leland House.

Organized by Equitable Vitrines.

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SAT 3/12
8:30 pm

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