Gayle Young

Gayle Young- New Tunings for New Instruments


In the tradition of Harry Partch, the great California champion of alternative tuning systems, Gayle Young designs and builds her own instruments. These include the Columbine, a metallophone using 23 pitches per octave in an expanded Just Intonation tuning system, and the Amaranth, a 24-string instrument with a flexible tuning system. Performing solo and with CalArts faculty and students, Young will play, among other works, Study In Eleven Over Nine for Amaranth and pre-recorded sound; In Motion for Columbine with pre-recorded tape, based on simple intervals in Just Intonation taken out of a tonal context; and Moving From My Sight for Columbine and four hands, based on sum and difference tones within the tuning system of the instrument.


Date/Time G ST CA
 Wed 5.12.04 8:30 pm $24 $18 $12

G - General Audience

M - REDCAT Members

ST - Students

CA - CalArts Students/Faculty/Staff