Gregg Arake

Gregg Araki: The Living End

"Gives vibrant, angry substance to the phrase ‘till death do us part.'" - Janet Maslin, The New York Times

Los Angeles premiere | 1992, remastered 2008, 85 min., HD
Jack H. Skirball Screening Series

A film landmark of the 1990s becomes one of the cinematic highlights of 2008 with the release of this gorgeously remastered version of The Living End. Shot for a paltry $20,000, the racy, disturbing and unexpectedly romantic tale of the serendipitous meeting between two HIV+ gay men significantly changed the landscape of American independent cinema and put Gregg Araki on the map as one of the most original directors of his generation. Sex partners by chance, accomplices in crime by choice, Jon and Luke engage in a desperate flight across the American wasteland in the quest of an impossible amour fou -- a journey strewn with a surrealist laundry list of murder, boredom, casual sex, mini-marts, parking lots, sinister freeways, post-punk apparel, garish colors, dark humor and freak encounters… as death awaits on the horizon.

In person: Gregg Araki

The Jack H. Skirball Screening Series is curated by Steve Anker and Bérénice Reynaud

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