Structured from Christmas to Easter, Hoover Street Revival weaves Bishop Jones’s electrifying sermons into a passionate and eloquent thematic narrative. The ecstatic church event and its vivacious gospel play against the world outside the church. Intimate, comic, mundane, tragic and revealing moments form a kaleidoscope portrait transforming this ‘ghetto’ into a microcosm of the contemporary world. Through Fiennes’ visual language and sensitive focus, everyday life constantly resonates and responds to Jones’ inspired sermons, deliberately raising questions to which the audience must seek the answers themselves. Fiennes creates a powerful dialectic between the social reality of being poor and black in America, and the metaphysical realm of heaven and damnation. The film captures the supernatural relationship between music and praise that is particular to the Pentecostal church and pays subtle homage to the musical talent historically nurtured in the gospel choirs of African American churches across America--not surprisingly, Bishop Jones is the brother of Grace Jones. (BR)

Screening introduced by Billy Woodberry.

The Film and Video Series at REDCAT is funded by Wendy Keys and Donald A. Pels.

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