Intellectuals in the Global Culture

Intellectuals in the Global Culture:
Manuel Castells in conversation with Martín Plot

"Adam Smith explained how capitalism worked, and Karl Marx explained why it didn’t. Now the social and economic relations of the Information Age have been captured by Manuel Castells." The Wall Street Journal

As globalization continues to accelerate the circulation of people, goods, financial assets, disease, entertainment, news and technology, ideas and intellectuals have also become part of this ostensibly irreversible trend. One of the most astute observers of this phenomenon is internationally renowned sociologist Manuel Castells, who visits REDCAT to speak with political and social theorist Martín Plot about the responsibilities and challenges facing intellectuals today. This conversation is introduced by CalArts President Steven D. Lavine in conjunction with the launch of the CalArts’ new Master of Arts Program in Aesthetics and Politics.

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SUN 2/17

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