Jérôme Bel

Jérôme Bel: Pichet Klunchun and myself

"Moving and extremely funny... A gentle and riveting lesson." The Village Voice

The Sharon Disney Lund Dance Series

In a witty, clear-eyed and moving exploration of art across cultural divides, French choreographer Jérôme Bel restages his first encounter with Thai dancer Pichet Klunchun, a master of the classical khon form. Through a lively mix of physical demonstration and high-spirited verbal debate, Bel and Klunchun go on a lucid, often very funny quest for understanding of each other's dance styles and traditions. The pair reflect on subjects from dance history to the subtleties of skilled performing, from Eurocentrism to cultural globalization, in repartee that is endearingly unaffected and tender: Bel plays the rumpled postmodernist who rejects rote virtuosity, while his foil, the supremely serene Klunchun, laments how his exacting art form--governed by precise rules for centuries--risks becoming a tourist attraction. Bel, who divides his time between Paris and Rio, is known for intensely personal dances and metaphysical musings on the nature of performance. He received a Bessie Award in 2005 for The Show Must Go On.

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FRI 2/27
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