James Benning

James Benning: Casting A Glance

"Like Ozu's films, Benning’s poetic explorations of the American space bring us to a moment of pure contemplation, in which a fleeting absolute may be glanced at behind the cool seduction of appearances." -Film Comment

Los Angeles premiere
Jack H. Skirball Screening Series

2007, 80 min., 16 mm

"Between May 2005 and January 2007 I made 16 trips to the Spiral Jetty, Robert Smithson’s monumental earthwork located on the Great Salt Lake, Utah. casting a glance maps the Jetty back onto its 37-year history. From morning to night, its allusive, shifting appearance may be the result of a passing weather system or simply the changing angle of the sun. Seasonal shifts and changes in water level alter salt crystal growth, the amount of algae in the water, and the presence of wildlife. Sounds may come from a navy jet, wildlife, lapping or splashing water, a visitor’s car radio, converging thunderstorms—or be a total silence..." James Benning

In person: James Benning

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