Jennifer West: Film Title Poem and Other Wonders

Jennifer West: Film Title Poem and Other Wonders

“A sensuous filmmaker and a maverick in her use and interpretation of materials.” – Art in America

Los Angeles premiere

Jennifer West makes her REDCAT debut with sensual, partly abstract, partly imagistic works that delve into how fiction weaves itself into our memories–and how our viewing experience has changed with the digital revolution. Her program’s centerpiece is Film Title Poem (2016, 67 min.)–“a psychic montage of my inner history of film”–for which West re-shot more than 500 existing movie title cards on 35mm film and manipulated the print with etched patterns, scratches and punctures before transferring it to HD. Based in L.A., West has won wide international recognition for her exploration of materiality in film, showing her work at venues such as Tramway, PICA, Tate Modern, and the Carnegie Museum of Art. 

In person: Jennifer West

The Jack H. Skirball Series is curated by Steve Anker and Bérénice Reynaud and supported, in part, by the Ostrovsky Family Fund.

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SUN 5/7
8:30 pm

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