John Fleck: Blacktop Highway

John Fleck: Blacktop Highway

"There are gale-force winds with less vigor than John Fleck.”  – The Village Voice

 "Irrepressible energy and engaging presence.” – The New York Times

Unclassifiable performer John Fleck warms you up for Halloween by re-inventing the gothic horror genre in this horrifyingly hysterical tale of taxidermy, transformation and caged creatures. Fleck’s multi-character solo piece —first staged at REDCAT’s New Original Works Festival— is a brilliantly staged screenplay, inspired by classic horror cinema and Freud’s Theory of Mind (Id, Ego and Super Ego) — all played out on one man’s body. Weaving video with theatrical movement and his remarkable vocal qualities, Fleck leads the audience on a journey into a darkly hilarious world.

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THU 10/22
8:30 pm
$20  $16$10
FRI 10/23
8:30 pm
$20  $16$10
SAT 10/24
8:30 pm
$25  $20$12
SUN 10/25
7:00 pm
$25  $20$12

G - General Audience

M - REDCAT Members

ST - Students

CA - CalArts Students/Faculty/Staff