Laura Kraning: Spectral Landscapes

Laura Kraning: Spectral Landscapes 

“Esoteric archeology.” – Visions du Réel 

“A spectral quality characterizes all the images and sounds."      – Millenium Film Journal

Los Angeles Premieres

Laura Kraning combines richly detailed imagery and sound to transform unseen places into liminal landscapes of the imagination. Plays of light and movement specific to each location summon what is absent in the visible—the past that continues to haunt the present. Her program of shorts takes us to the last Los Angeles drive-in, a flood-control dam with a fire-scarred history, a boatyard of bygone dramas, a mirrored field of watchful machines. Her work has previously screened at the New York, Ann Arbor, Edinburgh, Rotterdam and Visions du Réel festivals, among other venues.

In person: Laura Kraning

The Jack H. Skirball Series is curated by Steve Anker and Bérénice Reynaud and supported, in part, by the Ostrovsky Family Fund.

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MON 9/26
8:30 pm
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