Lee Anne Schmitt

Lee Anne Schmitt: The Last Buffalo Hunt

The Last Buffalo Hunt skillfully synthesizes two documentary genres—the ethnographic film and the nonfiction essay… The buffalo becomes a catalyst for sifting through entrenched American myths, particularly the exaltation of individualism as mediated through hunting rituals.


Los Angeles premiere | 76 min., HDCAM, 2010
Jack H. Skirball Series

Created by Lee Lynch and Lee Anne Schmitt
Directed by Lee Anne Schmitt
Produced by Lee Lynch and Lee Anne Schmitt

For five years, filmmaker Lee Anne Schmitt and her collaborators followed Terry Albrecht, a guide-for-hire for hunters who want to kill buffalo. Yet Albrecht is tired; his livelihood is threatened by the rising cost of gasoline, and the mystique of the West has become a commodity for nouveaux riches—like the couple posing in Santa costumes in front of their trophy, or the woman who switches pleasures from shopping sprees to insulting a buffalo that wouldn’t die fast enough. The film ends on a melancholy sequence, in a hokey wax museum, where cowboys and buffalo alike become ghosts. In the West, it is the legend that is printed, not the history—because history is repeated twice—once as slaughter, the second time as pageantry.

        Preceded by: Three Stories

US Premiere | 2011 | 14 min | DigiBeta

Produced, directed, shot and edited by Lee Anne Schmitt
With a live music performance by Jeff Parker 

These three short films are shot without direct sound and dialogue. Lee Anne Schmitt lets Jeff Parker’s music accompany the images… Public and private history form a new, abstract, and yet tangible unity.

In person: Lee Anne Schmitt

Curated by Steve Anker and Bérénice Reynaud.

Funded in part with generous support from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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