US premiere, Los Angeles premiere
FILM and VIDEO Series

A series of Canadian experimental films exploring family romance, the representation of childhood, blocked visions and the duplication of images in life and death

Mike Hoolboom: Imitation of Life

Canada, 2003, Beta SP, 75 min., OV English, US premiere

From one of Canada’s best known experimental film/video-maker, “this ten-part video strains childhood through a history of reproduction, culling pictures from the Lumi&eagrave;re Brothers to the present day in order to find the future in our past. Here are children of pictures, as pictures themselves, the ones who will walk on our graves, granted a legacy of framing and image-making that has helped shape their lives and their ability to grieve those no longer around to share them.” (Mike Hoolboom).

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Nicolas Roy: LÉo

Canada, 2003, Beta SP, 11 min., no dialogue, US premiere

Ever since his mother's death, twelve-year-old Leo has lived alone with his father and his dog in a tumbledown little house in the middle of nowhere... a sad, isolated spot. Starting today, Leo will never be the same. (FCMM)

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Donigan Cumming: Locke’s Way

Canada, 2003, Beta SP, 21 min., OV English, Los Angeles premiere

Locke’s Way is the photographic path to knowledge, full of twist and turns, treacherously steep. A family’s photo album tells us everything and nothing about the impenetrable past. (FCMM)

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