An Evening with Canadian Animator Michèle Cournoyer
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An Evening with Canadian Animator Michèle Cournoyer

Michèle Cournoyer works essentially with the theme of metamorphosis: in her films the female characters take on astonishing forms, transforming themselves into flowers, chickens or even hats. Whether using a computer (An Artist), paint (Feather Tale, Dolorosa) or Indian Ink (The Hat), Michèle Cournoyer is inspired, for the most part, by the present. She often borrows on her own personal experience and those of others for inspiration. She then touches on the idea of transformation, giving this reality a new, enriched and at times even savage form. In Dolorosa she uses a dancer's real body to create a flower. For Feather Tale, she filmed herself, then a man tormenting a chicken. Amalgamating the two images, a woman-chicken is delivered in a cardboard box to a BBQ-starved man. Mich&eagrave;le Cournoyer’s rapport with reality is both straightforward and ambiguous. Straightforward because intimacy is at the root of her creation, ambiguous because she blurs the concrete and reassuring nature of reality by perverting it through the expression of an inner reality. In each film, the animator has invented a new approach, adapting the technique to the content, using the world around her to paint the “monstruousness” of reality – Marco de Blois, curator, animated films, Cinémathèque Québecoise

Cournoyer’s films will include:

Papa! Papa! Papa! (L’Homme et l’enfant), 1969, 16 mm, col., 5 min
Alfredo, 1973, 16 mm, col., 3 min
Spaghettata (co-directed with Jacques Drouin), 1976, 16 mm, col. 1 min
La Toccata, 1976, 16 mm, col & b/w, 10 min
Old Orchard Beach P. Q., 1981, 16 mm, col., 9 min
Dolorasa, 1988, 35 mm, col., 4 min
Feather Tale (La Basse-cour), 1992, 35 mm, 5 min
An Artist (Une Artiste), 1994, 35 mm, col., 5 min
The Hat (Le Chapeau), 2000, 35 mm, b/w, 6 min

Plus a newly-completed surprise film!

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