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Mahnaz Afzali: The Ladies (Zananeh)

Iran, 2003, Beta SP, 55 min., OV Farsi, Eng. ST, West Coast premiere

This much-talked about, ground-breaking documentary is also an amazing instance of cinema vérité. For her second film as a director, the well-known film and television actress Mahnaz Afzali planted her camera in a public restroom in the middle of a Tehran park. Managed by an old lady, the place has become a shelter, a haven for the women from all walks of life who gather there to talk, laugh, cry and simply be alive. Runaway girls, prostitutes, drug dealers and ordinary women mingle and listen to each other while sharing moments of bonding. In this uncensored place they can be free, unveiled -- both physically and mentally -- and talk about anything and everything without fear. (FCMM)

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Maziar Bahari: And Along Came a Spider (Va Ankaboot Amad)

Iran, 2002, Beta SP, 53 min, OV Farsi, Eng v-o and ST, West Coast premiere

Because a cab-driver mistook his wife for a whore, Saïd Hanaei, a young Muslim fundamentalist endeavored to methodically kill sixteen prostitutes, to rid his country of “spiritual pollution”. To his beautiful, religious wife, for his teenage son, for some fundamentalist factions, he’s a hero. For others, a monster. “You have the same name as one of the women I killed,” he tells the female journalist interviewing him. Meanwhile, two little girls mourn their mother. One of them says she’ll become a painter, "to tell the truth." BR

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