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Sepideh Farsi: The Journey of Maryam (Safar-e Maryam)

Iran/France, 2002, 35 mm, 80 min, OV Farsi, Eng. ST, US premiere

A subtle mixture of documentary and fiction, The Journey of Maryam outlines the blurred contours of exile -- this ineffable quality that the place of your birth still retains long after you have left. Like Maryam, the invisible heroine of the film -- shot entirely through a subjective camera -- Sepideh Farsi lives in Paris. Her film is a sensitive, often melancholy meditation on the origin of storytelling, on loss and displacement, nostalgia and bonding. Place the faded photograph of a man before total strangers, tell them he’s your long-lost father, that you’re looking for him, and suddenly, with unexpected warmth, a desire to please, a desire to help, they remember -- yes he was here -- last month, last year, yesterday. Go to the park, to that other neighborhood, ask the shopkeepers. In the footsteps of this--maybe imaginary--father, the filmmaker/heroine (re)discovers Tehran, and captures it on the filmstrip whose texture has been reprocessed to look like the intricate fabric of a hand-woven cloth, like the meandering of our memory. BR

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Mohammad Ahmadi: Captive, Waiting (Asir, Entezar)

Iran, 2002, Beta SP, 23 min, OV Arabic, English ST, US premiere

A man writes to the child he has never seen to announce that they will finally meet, eighteen years after his/her birth --the time elapsed since his capture by the Iranian army. This man is one of the hundreds of Iraqi prisoners of war still in captivity since the Iran-Iraq war ended twenty years ago. (FCMM)

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