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France/Morocco, 2003, 35 mm, 118 min, OV Arabic, ST Eng – Winner, Volkswagen People’s Choice Award, FCMM 2003, US Premiere
Iran, 2002, 75 min, 35 mm, OV Farsi, Eng. ST, Los Angeles premiere

Lost in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco is a small Berber village, Tizi, inhabited by a community of prostitutes. Men can gain entrance only with money. Hala, the village leader, urges the women to abandon their newborn children so the same tragic fate does not befall a new generation. “Keep your eyes dry and your pain hidden” is the daily maxim of these women. Tizi is turned upside down by the arrival of a former prostitute, recently released from a 25-year imprisonment. In her company is a young man, who sows the seeds of dissent throughout the village. For her first film, the young Moroccan filmmaker Narjiss Nejjar explores the emancipation of women and men’s control over their destiny. Tizi is a real place that still exists. At first, Nejjar wanted to make a documentary about the village, but soon fiction became necessary. "I felt a certain reticence on the part of the village women and quickly understood what would become the subject-matter of my film: the look of the other." (FCMM)

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