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Rakhshan Bani-Etemad: Our Times (Ruz-e Gar-e Ma)

Iran, 2002, 35 mm, 75 min, OV Farsi, Eng. ST, Los Angeles premiere

This powerful, multi-faceted documentary by one of Iran’s best known directors examines the parliamentary elections of 2001, focusing on the 48 female candidates whom the government refused to officially recognize. First, Rakhshan Bani-Etemad (The Blue-Veiled, 1994, Under the Skin of the City, 2000) follows a group of young girls (including her own daughter) who have opened a campaign office for the successful reformist candidate Mohammad Khatami. Then, she gradually sets her focus on the life of one of the unsuccessful presidential candidates, Arezoo Bayat, an ambitious 25-year old twice divorced woman who takes care of her blind mother and 9-year old daughter while holding down two grueling jobs. (Vancouver Film Festival)

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Ebrahim Mokhtari: Zinat, A Very Special Day (Zinat, Yek Rouze Bekhosous)

Iran, 2000, Beta SP, 56 min, OV Farsi, English ST, Los Angeles premiere

In 1999, on the orders of Iranian president Mohammad Khatami, the first municipal elections in 20 years took place. Among the 330,000 candidates were 5,000 women. One of them was Zinat. Filmmaker Ebrahim Mokhtari set up his camera in Zinat’s house and filmed the reactions of visitors, both positive and negative, with an emphasis on their views on the position of women in society. Zinat defends her beliefs with remarkable vivacity, humor and compassion. (FCMM)

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