Let It Be Known, Short Films Inspired by Octavia E. Butler

Let It Be Known

Short Films Inspired by Octavia E. Butler

“Octavia E. Butler’s work helped define the literary cornerstone of Afrofuturism.” CNN

Los Angeles Premiere

The legacy of groundbreaking African American science fiction writer Octavia E. Butler (1947 – 2006) is the inspiration for this wide-ranging program of experimental shorts by contemporary artists, curated by Erin Christovale. Films include: Moon Tendon (2013) and Playing Possum (2012) by Jamilah Sabur; Big Gurl (2006), a stop-motion animation by Lauren Kelley; The Golden Chain (2015) by filmmaker Buki Bodunrin and graphic novelist Ezra Claytan Daniels; A Feeling Like Chaos (2015) by artist Suné Woods; The Origin of the Blues (2013) by Ariel Jackson; My father and I dance in outer space (2011) and Two (2010) by Wura-Natasha Ogunji. Presented in conjunction with the Clockshop exhibition Radio Imagination: Artists and Writers in the Archive of Octavia E. Butler

In person: Erin Christovale, Suné Woods, Buki Bodunrin and Ezra Claytan Daniels

Let It Be Known is curated by Erin Christovale.

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