Liminar Sonido #13: The Music and Legacy of Julián Carrillo

Liminar Sonido #13: The Music and Legacy of Julián Carrillo


“The starting point of a new musical generation coming to transform everything.”

– Julián Carrillo

The ensemble Liminar, one of the most accomplished groups in Mexico’s roaring creative music scene, presents a special two-night showcase centered on the visionary microtonal oeuvre of Mexican modernist composer Julián Carrillo (1875–1965). Initially developed around 1900, Carrillo’s music theory, Sonido #13, was one of the earliest systems in the Western classical tradition to move beyond the 12-note octave. His pioneering microtonality found its first full expression in the landmark Preludio a Colón (1924/25), two versions of which anchor the Liminar program. In addition to several other key pieces dating from the 1920s through the ’50s, the lineup features new and recent works, some commissioned by Liminar, that build on Carrillo’s artistic legacy. They include compositions by Juan Cristóbal Cerrillo, Valeria Jonard, Juan Sebastián Lach, Sergio Luque, Liliana Rodriguez and Carlos Iturralde—Liminar’s co-artistic director, with Alexander Bruck and Carmina Escobar.

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FRIDAY, 11/12/2015: PROGRAM I

Julián Carrillo: Preludio a Colón (1924/25) First version: for soprano, flute, quarter-tone guitar, Carrillo harp, octavina, violin and cello

Julián Carrillo: Capricho en cuartos, octavos y 16 avos de tono (1946) for viola

Valeria Jonard: Viento, Agua, Piedra (2013), for flute, guitar, violin, viola, cello and contrabass

Julián Carrillo: Meditación (1927), for string quartet

Julián Carrillo: Murmullos (1933), for string quartet and Carrillo harp

Improvisation for ensemble featuring Carrillo instruments


Sergio Luque: My life has been filled with terrible misfortune, most of which never happened (2004), for b. clarinet, violin, viola, cello double bass and real-time electronics

Julián Carrillo: Hoja de Album (1924), for flute, clarinet, quarter-tone guitar, Carrillo harp, triangle and cello

Julián Carrillo: I think of you (1928), for soprano, flute, quarter-tone guitar, Carrillo harp, octavina, violin and viola

Juan Cristóbal Cerrillo: Eclipses para Chapultepec (2014) For variable ensemble and sound file



Julián Carrillo: Preludio Europa (1934) for soprano, flute, quarter-tone guitar, Carrillo harp, octavina, violin and viola.

Julián Carrillo: Suite Impromptu: Preludio/Lentamente/Gavota/Jarabe (1931), for quarter-tone guitar

Juan Sebastián Lach: Infrastruchor (2015), for viola, live electronics, Carrillo harp and variable ensemble, commissioned by Liminar


Improvisation for ensemble and live electronics featuring Carrillo instruments.

Liliana Rodríguez: Canción(2015) for alto recorder, recorder, clarinet in B♭, tenor saxophone, Carrillo harp, voice, contrabass and cello, commissioned by Liminar

Carlos Iturralde: Fata Morgana (2013), for amplified recorder(s), clarinet/b. clarinet/b. sax, violín, cello and double bass

Julián Carrillo: Preludio a Colón(1924/25) Second version: for soprano, flute, quarter-tone guitar, Carrillo harp and string quartet.



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FRI 12/11
8:30 pm
$20  $16$10

SAT 12/12

$20  $16$10

G - General Audience

M - REDCAT Members

ST - Students

CA - CalArts Students/Faculty/Staff