Los Angeles Times FOOD BOWL: An In-Depth Look at Vespertine

Los Angeles Times FOOD BOWL: An In-Depth Look at Vespertine

Chef and Architect | LA Times Restaurant Critic Jonathan Gold led-panel discussion on Vespertine, his #1 selection on the 101 Best Restaurants list this year, with award-winning Chef Jordan Kahn, world-renowned Architect Eric Owen Moss and former LA Times Architecture Critic and current City of Los Angeles Chief Design Officer Christopher Hawthorne. 

An in-depth discussion with celebrated architect Eric Owen Moss and Chef Jordan Kahn on their highly conceptual restaurant project, Vespertine.  

Jonathan Gold describes the food culture of Los Angeles to be “The cuisine of immigrants.” What if a restaurant exists outside this radius? A restaurant that is not defined by its cultural heritage, ancestry, or tradition? A restaurant that reflects the creativity, art, music, film, dance, theater, and spirit of the city, explored through the dining experience, challenging what a restaurant should be, and what a restaurant could be. The synthesis of art, architecture, and food, inspired by a building and its author, Eric Owen Moss, a native son of this city. A collaboration between chef and architect that doesn’t so much as unite the two disciplines, but redefines them.

Vespertine, a restaurant of, by, and from Los Angeles.  

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MON 5/21
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