Madison Brookshire: Pure Time

Madison Brookshire: Pure Time

 “Turning cinema from theater into happening.”
—Modern Painters 

Exploring the tactile elements of the cinematic experience, the work of artist/filmmaker/ educator/curator Madison Brookshire often features light play that produces complex, unexpected physical reactions through experiments with framing and duration. With As Water Is In Water, he merges his much-lauded camera-less work on 16mm (soaking the film strips in paint) with digital technology. Rephotographed and edited in short, hallucinatory loops, the paintings collide to produce flat panels of time distended with space (set to Revenant, a composition by his collaborator Tashi Wada). He also shows other 16mm films, including Over 30 Minutes, made entirely at the lab using the timing lights of the printing process; and Veils, hand-made and paint soaked, allowing evaporation, dust, crystallization, mold, and more to inform the image. 

Funded in part by the Ostrovsky Family Fund. Curated by Steve Anker and Bérénice Reynaud, as part of the Jack H. Skirball Series.


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MON 2/4
8:30 pm

G - General Audience

M - REDCAT Members

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