Marta Carrasco: Aiguardent

Marta Carrasco: Aiguardent

Part of the International Latino Theatre Festival of Los Angeles

"A gift for the senses, an hour packed with intensity and emotion, with that elusive pleasure that few productions capture and which is so difficult to define." El Diario Vasco, San Sebastián

Striking visual images and daring movement have made Catalan performer Marta Carrasco a favorite at some of the world's most prestigious festivals. In a partnership with fitla, the International Latino Theatre Festival, REDCAT presents her acclaimed signature work Aiguardent, in which vibrant lighting, intense theatricality and rigorous intellect come together to create a powerful and unforgettable experience.

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Date/Time G ST CA
Thu 11.10.05 8:30 pm
$20 $16 $10
Fri 11.11.05 8:30 pm$24$20$12
Sat 11.12.05, 8:30 pm$24$20$12
Sun 11.13.05, 3:00 pm$20$16$10

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ST - Students

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