Maryanne Amacher: Adjacencies (1965)

Maryanne Amacher: Adjacencies (1965)

“A mesmerizing, lushly enveloping, rare Maryanne Amacher work rescued from the archives.” Lucid Culture

Maryanne Amacher (1938–2009) is a composer of large-scale, fixed-duration sound installations, and a highly original thinker in the areas of perception, sound spatialization, creative intelligence, and aural architecture. Known primarily as an electronic composer, she also wrote a handful of pieces for classical instruments using experimental forms of notation. Adjacencies, a graphic score for two percussionists and electronics, was written in 1965. The work directs performers by sending their microphone signals to a changing array of speakers surrounding the audience, combining otherwise distinct worlds of sound. Ian Antonio and Russell Greenberg, of the experimental piano-percussion quartet Yarn/Wire, will perform Adjacencies, with sound distribution by Daniel Neumann and Woody Sullender. 

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SAT 5/18
8:30 pm

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