Michiko Hirayama

Michiko Hirayama Sings Scelsi: Canti del Capricorno

“Utterly compelling.” The Guardian

West Coast premiere

The legendary vocalist Michiko Hirayama makes her first Los Angeles appearance with a must-hear performance of Giacinto Scelsi’s Canti del Capricorno—the spellbinding 20-song cycle written expressly for her between 1962 and 1972. Now in her 80s, Hirayama is one of the last living links to the eccentric Italian composer and poet whose works are seldom performed live in the United States. Though cited as a key influence by György Ligeti and French spectralists Gérard Grisey and Tristan Murail, Scelsi’s revolutionary Eastern-inflected soundscapes were not widely recognized until late in his life in the 1980s. The wordless songs of Canti del Capricorno each obsess over a single pitch or small groups of notes, on occasion punctuated by drums, gongs, bass or a wailing saxophone. Hirayama’s singing, meanwhile, delivers an otherworldly spectrum of vocalization—with microtonal pitch differentiations, glissandi, constantly shifting vocal attacks, sudden leaps of tessitura, and surprising breath production. She is accompanied by Amy Knoles and Lydia Martin (both percussion), Aniela Perry (double bass) and Ulrich Krieger (saxophone).

Listen to Canto No. 5 for Voice

Listen to Canto No. 19 for Voice and Percussion

Music courtesy of WERGO/Schott Music & Media, Germany, www.wergo.de
Giacinto Scelsi: Canti del Capricorno (WER 6686 2)
Venti canti per voce femminile o voce con strumento(i)
Michiko Hirayama: voice 

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FRI 4/2
8:30 pm

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