motiroti & The Builders Association

motiroti & The Builders Association - Alladeen

"The mixture of soap opera, high drama, comedy, and formal movement produces an entertaining hybrid that is delightfully unique."—The Independent

"Flamboyant...riotously funny."—Timeout London

Los Angeles Premiere

Alladeen is a highly visual, cross-media collaboration between the New York-based ensemble The Builders Association and London’s motiroti—the duo of Keith Khan and Ali Zaidi, a pair known for spectacles and installations inspired by their East Indian heritage. The Internet is seen as the modern magic carpet in this hallucinatory work conceived and designed by Khan and Zaidi with director Marianne Weems. The piece combines electronic music, new video techniques, an architectural set and live performance to explore the myth of Alladeen—a.k.a. Aladdin—and related themes of wish fulfillment and non-traditional global travel via high technology.


Date/Time G ST CA
Wed 3.3.04 8:30 pm $34 $28 $16
Thur 3.4.04 8:30 pm$34$28$16
Fri 3.5.04 8:30 pm$38$30$18
Sat 3.6.04 8:30 pm$38$30$18
Sun 3.7.04 8:30 pm$34$28$16

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M - REDCAT Members

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