My Babarian: Double Future

My Barbarian: Double Future

Los Angeles Premiere

A My Barbarian catharsis is that of seeing the sun rise after a night at the disco theatrical, glamorous, and poignant." Flash Art, Jan-Feb 2006

"Incorporating epic storytelling with harmonious, hook-filled tunes, along with jazz-hands choreography, wild costumes and oversize props, a My Barbarian show will put a goofy smile on your face faster than a bong hit." Ann Magnuson, Paper Magazine, April 2006

The Los Angeles-based performance art band combines music, theater, dance and visual art in sublime sexy songs, surreal scene-stealing and phantasmagorical feats of pure fantasy fun. My Barbarian presents a radically inventive double bill of musical adventures: Silver Minds, a sci-fi, new-wave pop fable of time-travel, ghost stories, and eco-tourism, and the Los Angeles debut of You Were Born Poor & Poor You Will Die, a mini-epic rock opera set in an ancient world of masked dancers, High Priestesses and Bull God worship.

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You Were Born Poor & Poor You Will Die

Performance, music, and sculpture converge in My Barbarian’s You Were Born Poor And Poor You Will Die, a ritualistic incantation of class warfare. Designed in collaboration with artist Jeff Ono, My Barbarian dons papier-maché phalluses made of dollar bills and plays percussion crafted out of loose change in chants and folk dances that draw from stayr plays, classical dance and Satanic orgies. As high priests of Moloch, the ensemble conjures an Ancient World religion of human sacrifice that mirrors the societal blood-letting of late-Capitalism. And then they rock.

Premiered at Participant Inc. on the Lower East Side in NYC, November 2005 as part of the Performa 05 Biennial. This is the Los Angeles Premiere.

Silver Minds

A science-fiction new wave musical in which My Barbarian portrays wealthy, time-traveling futurians who return to nature after the collapse, Silver Minds conveys themes of conservation and environmental degradation through Noh-like vignettes featuring masked characters and abstract pop songs.

Silver Minds was originally commissioned by the Aspen Art Museum in March 2006 as an outdoor, site-responsive performance. Reshaped and reconfigured for the REDCAT, the piece is a collage of live music performance and video from the band’s cross country travels.

My Barbarian Bio
My Barbarian is a performance group directed by Alex Segade, Jade Gordon and Malik Gaines, founded in 2000. My Barbarian’s antic, rock-operatic ouvre synthesizes music, art and theater through site-responsive spectacles, videos and recordings.

Based in Los Angeles, My Barbarian is a collaborative project whose participants have included guitarist Scott Martin and drummer Andy Ouchi, and which has drawn on contributions from other musicians, visual artists, actors, dancers, and the coincidences of public space. Other collaborators have included Tiffany Anders, Patterson Beckwith, Aaron Buckley, Norwood Cheek, Jonny Cragg, Ann Do-Rademacher, Dustin Ericksen, Feral Child, Karen Hallock, Jim Hansen, Pearl C. Hsiung, Kim Humphries, Daniel McDonald, Giles Miller, Matthew Monahan, Aisslin Nosky, Jeff Ono, Anna Sew Hoy, Lara Schnitger, Chuck Stolarek, Aaron Thurston, Kirk Wilson, and Amy Yao.

My Barbarian’s shape-shifting projects include the touring performance Pagan Rights(2005), a tragicomic musical vision quest in opposition to Christianity, at Participant Inc., NYC, the Evidence Room Theater and UCLA Hammer Museum in LA, and the Drake Hotel Underground in Toronto; Gods of Canada (2005), a site-responsive pageant in honor of Canadian liberalism, commissioned by the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto; and Squirrel Radio Action (2005), a performance, video, and radio play commissioned by Pacific Drift on 89.3 KPCC Pasadena, in which a posse of disease-ridden rodents make street theater to call attention to their plight. In 2005, My Barbarian’s You Were Born Poor & Poor You Will Die, a rock operatic incantation of class warfare, premiered as part of the Performa 05 Biennial at Participant Inc. in New York. In 2006, My Barbarian will debut Silver Minds at the Aspen Art Museum, and Double Future at REDCAT in Los Angeles. My Barbarian was selected to participate in the 2006 California Biennial at the Orange County Museum of Art.

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Thu 4.20.06 8:30 pm
$18 $14 $10
Fri 4.21.06 8:30 pm$20$16$10
Sat 4.22.06 8:30 pm$20$16$10

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