Los Angeles Premiere
Jack Skirball Screening Series

Presented in collaboration with the Film and Video Center, University of California, Irvine

Japan's most famous woman filmmaker screens three interrelated documentaries depicting the unfolding saga of a woman's search for identity. In Ni tsutsumarete (Embracing, 1992), Kawase searches for the father she never knew; Katatsumori (1994) is a loving and complex portrait of the great-aunt who adopted her; and Kya ka ra ba a (Sky, Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, 2001) blends documentary and fiction as the filmmaker uses her own body to trace of the void left by her absent father. Kawase's works explore the medium's ability to represent absence while forging an alternative mode of vision.

In person: Naomi Kawase


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Mon 2.7.05, 8:00 pm $8 $6 $4

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M - REDCAT Members

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