New Original Works Festival 2006

New Original Works Festival 2006

Program Three

The third annual New Original Works Festival features three weeks of experimentation, discovery and bold creative voices. Inventive Los Angeles performing artists are given a chance to take creative risks using REDCAT as a high-tech theatrical laboratory.

The political and personal collide in a ferociously poignant and hysterically funny multimedia rollercoaster ride by acclaimed performance artist, actor, writer, and vocalist John Fleck. A collage of text, music, video and theatrical antics, Johnny's Got A Gunsends Fleck marching home, with his six-shooters strapped on, to challenge the way we think about parents, politicians, pistols, patriotic parades--and polka.

Maverick director Juli Crockett joins forces with adventurous composer Jeremy Zuckerman to invent a wildly imaginative form of music theater that is part puppet-epic and part rock opera--with several dashes of mythological storytelling. Orpheus Crawlingis largely inspired by the legendary journey to Hell, but there is nothing ancient about this powerful piece of highly visual musical performance.

Plastic cups powered by music-box mechanisms confront each other in a staged battle from sculptor Matt Wardell’s Civil War Reenactment. Condensed to mere minutes, but with an eye toward historical and statistical accuracy, this durational work pits its "soldiers"--emitting competing strains of Dixie and Yankee Doodle Dandy--in a lurching and mawkish conflict.

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Date/Time G ST CA
Thu 8.3.06, 8:30 pm$18 $14 $12
Fri 8.4.06, 8:30 pm$18$14$12
Sat 8.5.06, 8:30 pm$18$14$12

G - General Audience

M - REDCAT Members

ST - Students

CA - CalArts Students/Faculty/Staff