New Original Works Festival 2006

New Original Works Festival 2006

Program Two


The third annual New Original Works Festival features three weeks of experimentation, discovery and bold creative voices. Inventive Los Angeles performing artists are given a chance to take creative risks using REDCAT as a high-tech theatrical laboratory.

Celebrated aviator Amelia Earhart and her lesser-known navigator Fredrick Noonan inspire this powerful movement theater duet in which choreographer Mira Kingsley charts an intimate course with collaborator Darius Mannino. Their intense journey, rich with endurance, ambition, and irrational action, is enhanced by a live sound score from Audio artist Colbert S. Davis IV and video imagery by Frederique de Montblanc.

Deception is both political and personal in Marisa Karnesky’s haunting and heart-stopping Magic War, a solo performance inspired by the long history of persuasion through prestidigitation in global politics. Stage magicians were once used to justify historic Holy Wars; what form of "sleight of hand" do we use to explain our current battles?

High velocity movement is integrated with a refreshing theatrical intelligence in a new quartet choreographed by Guggenhiem Fellowship recipient Victoria Marks. For her latest work, Marks builds upon her reputation as an architect of emotionally rich movement vocabulary, crafting the powerful presence of four strikingly individual dancers: Maria Gillespie, Stephanie Nugent, Holly Johnston and Noellie Bordelet.

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Date/Time G ST CA
Thu 7.27.06, 8:30 pm $18 $14 $10
Fri 7.28.06, 8:30 pm$18$14$10
Sat 7.29.06, 8:30 pm$18$14$10

G - General Audience

M - REDCAT Members

ST - Students

CA - CalArts Students/Faculty/Staff