New Original Works Festival (Week One)

New Original Works Festival

(Week One)

"The Future is NOW--For the artists, in their restless journey to create new original works, the festival has become a base camp from which to launch. And for the audiences, it's become a unique home base at which to put their fingers on the pulse of cutting-edge contemporary performance."

--Los Angeles Times

Each summer REDCAT celebrates the vitality of Los Angeles' vibrant and growing community of artists making work for the stage. We transform our theater into an artist-driven creative laboratory where disciplines are challenged and blurred, traditions are re-imagined, and hybrid visions take hold.

This year's three-week festival launches nine new original works by Los Angeles dance, theater, music and multimedia performing artists. 

WEEK ONE, July 30 - Aug 1

Nguyễn Nguyên and Maria Gillespie: Bloom

Evocative projections and landscapes saturate the stage to frame the nuanced movements of co-choreographers Nguyen and Gillespie, who traverse the intersection of dance, theater, and new media in a collaboration with video artist and astrophysicist Fabio Altenbach. Live video is manipulated to explore themes of home and dislocation in this rich work developed with the Beijing International Dance Festival.

Sheetal Gandhi, Ulka Mohanty and Mark Gutierrez: In|Expiration

Contrapuntal percussive dance and stirring vocalizations come together in this highly rhythmic performance blending Kathak, Bharatanatyam and contemporary dance forms. Enhanced by live music from bassist Mark Guttierrez, Gandhi and Mohanty investigate issues of personal justice and identity, the imperative of breath, and the repercussions of race-fueled violence.

Zac Pennington, Jherek Bischoff and Steven Reker: Crying

Channeling the passion of an enigmatic pop idol, the multidisciplinary team of composer Jherek Bischoff, vocalist/co-composer Zac Pennington, and choreographer Steven Reker, transcend the concert form to explore the incongruities of pop personae — performer as icon, androgyne, messiah, and martyr — in a lush, four-song suite interpreted with a string quartet, vocals and movement.

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Week One: 

Jul 30 to Aug 1

8:30 pm



G - General Audience

M - REDCAT Members

ST - Students

CA - CalArts Students/Faculty/Staff