New Zealand in L.A.

New Zealand in L.A.

“Richard Nunns is a living legend...our musical guardian.” The Press, New Zealand

Master musician Richard Nunns, the world’s foremost authority on Māori music, is the special guest artist for a two-day celebration of New Zealand contemporary chamber and orchestral works and music for ngā taonga pūoro—traditional Māori instruments.  The concerts feature compositions by Christopher Cree Brown, James Gardner, Ross Harris, Samuel Holloway, John Psathas, and Gillian Whitehead. In addition to Nunns, whose work extends from avant-garde jazz to contributing to the soundtracks for films such as Whale Rider and The Lord of the Rings, the performers include clarinetist Gretchen La Roche, percussionist Chris O’Connor, and special guest singer-songwriter Bachelorette (a.k.a. Annabel Alpers).

Wednesday, April 18
  —  not in program order

  • John Psathas: Abhisheka (1996) for string quartet*
  • Samuel Holloway: Impossible Songs (2006) for string quartet and soprano*
  • Christopher Cree Brown: inner bellow for clarinet and tape*
  • Victoria Kelly: Sono (2000) for piano trio*
  • Mark Menzies: spring elegy ‘aus 2011’ (2011) for violin, electric guitar and bass clarinet*
  • James Gardner: Grauschlieren (2003) for clarinet and string quartet*
  • Glenda Keam: Get for voice and viola*
  • Gareth Farr and Richard Nunns: He Poroporoaki (2008) for Maori instruments and string quartet*
  • improv: Richard Nunns, Chris O'Connor, Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick, Vinny Golia

Thursday, April 19
  —  in program order

  • Michael Norris: dirty pixels (2004) for piano trio*
  • Samuel Holloway: Stapes (2005) for piano trio*
  • James Gardner: blessed unrest (2006) for piano trio*
  • Gillian Whitehead: Hineraukatauri (1999) for flute and Maori instruments
  • improv: Richard Nunns, Chris O'Connor, Vinny Golia
  • Ross Harris: Te Moanapouri (2006) for English horn, harp and strings*
  • Michael Norris: Heavy Traffic (2006) for contrabassoon and orchestra*
  • Jerome Speak: Epidisodos for Eb clarinet
  • Bachelorette: a 45-minute set of new songs, with a sound-responsive projection unique to each song, using a program designed for the music. 

*North American Premiere

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WED 4/18
8:30 pm

THU 4/19
8:30 pm 


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