Nicola Costantino – La Artefacta Directed by Natalie Cristiani

Nicola Costantino – La Artefacta

Directed by Natalie Cristiani

“A gorgeously crafted exploration of the oeuvre and inner workings of one of Argentina’s most thought-provoking artists.” – POV Magazine

Using her own image/body, the texture of organic material, and almost sacred icons (such as images of Eva Perón), Nicola Costantino is one of Argentina’s most provocative and fascinating artists. For Nicola Costantino–La Artefacta, she uses imagery of her persona at work: slaughtering cattle in a backless evening gown and white shoes (an allusion to a famous Argentine novel), or molding a double of herself during her pregnancy. Together with co-director and editor Natalie Cristiani, she creates an unusual portrait of an artist and a woman. Eschewing explanation and psychologization, the film, rooted in a form of Argentine baroque, addresses the country’s troubled history while articulating issues pertaining to self (re)presentation, performance and artistic originality.

2015, 75 min

In person: Nicola Costantino


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