NOW Festival 2017: Week One

New Original Works Festival 2017: Week One

Jessica Emmanuel, Nancy Keystone, Stacy Dawson Stearns

"This is the festival that keeps weird, live performance relevant, dangerous and alive" —KPCC

Note: All three works presented each night.

REDCAT's 14th Annual New Original Works Festival kicks off with a program of works by Jessica Emmanuel, Stacy Dawson Stearns and Nancy Keystone.

Jessica Emmanuel: Witnessing Her

Jessica Emmanuel’s commanding presence and starkly impassioned movements capture the essence of the vicarious trauma triggered by images, sounds, stories and details of senseless black deaths. A seemingly viral wave of violence belies the deeply personal impact of each confrontation, each bullet and each chalk outline.

Stacy Dawson Stearns: LOVE GASOLINE! 

Bessie Award-winner Stacy Dawson Stearns constructs a scintillating mix of video and highly visceral movement theater to probe the erotic machine of Marcel Duchamp's famously unfinished The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (or the Large Glass)LOVE GASOLINE!unveils the humorous complexity of desire using five eloquent performers, punctuated by bursts of original music, "readymade" sounds, and vivid film sequences. 

Nancy Keystone: Untitled Communion

Whiplashed by the accelerating waves of madness in a tumultuous political time, Nancy Keystone and her cross-disciplinary collective, Critical Mass Performance Group, take the audience on a whirlwind journey that careens between resistance, fun, panic, thrashing and persistence. Fueled by Jacob Richard's live music, it is a boisterous cri-de-coeur that also features “sparkles and communion.”

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The New Original Works Festival is made possible by generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Rosenfeld Fund for Special Projects, and REDCAT Circle donors.

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THU 7/27
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SAT 7/29
8:30 pm

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